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Maria Moloney

I have spent my life in academia and have notched up four degrees. My final one was a PhD in informational privacy research from TCD (Trinity College Dublin). I have published academic papers and book chapters in IS (Information Systems) security and was Head of Research at Escher Group Holdings for five years. I taught IS and Management for eight years in TCD and for three years in UCD (University College Dublin). I am currently Chief AI Specialist in an Irish SME

I have always loved books and the printed word. In fact, my first degree is in English and French Literature.

Over the last few years, I have broadened my interest in emotional intelligence and living life in the best way I can. I worked with and then a while later became good friends with a life coach named Geraldine Lyons. My interest in Life Coaching grew quickly and to such an extent that I undertook a Graduate Diploma in Life and Management Coaching in University College Cork. I finished my studies in 2022.

There were two main reasons for why I decided to combine my skills in data protection and information security with studying coaching. Please let me explain.

In the early years of my career, I dedicated myself to learning my craft, which I believe lies in a combination of ethical and IT related arenas. Having studied management and information systems to doctorate level (PhD in Privacy Risk Management), I realised there was an imbalance between my knowledge of my craft and my knowledge of how to get the best out of people. This is the first reason I was attracted to coaching.

The second reason I decided to undertake a coaching qualification was because I felt the need to understand which leadership style best suited my personality. During my study, I actively worked on answering this question, while practicing the art of bringing out the best in people through helping them realise their goals during my coaching practicum.

As a result, I found that the skills I developed during my time at UCC enhanced my understanding of how to work efficiently, effectively and harmoniously in teams and with clients regardless of the subject matter of the client project (privacy, security, Information technology consulting or coaching).

That is why, along with my main professional and research obligations, I am also a coach, because I want to and because I get great satisfaction and feedback from it. Through this process, I have understood the best leadership approach for me as an individual and I feel the definition that most suits me comes from Robert Ingersoll:

We rise by lifting others.




If you wish to get in touch with me for consultancy work or simply to know more about what I do. 
Email me at:

Or ring me on:

+393518627191 for Maria


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