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Through normal conversations we want to provide food for thought about life and help our community become more aware of themselves through the art of conversation. We hope this will help them to build self-confidence and better understand where they are in life and where they want to go.

A Good Life

What is a good life? How do we know when we have a good life?
Is it listening to the whispers of a higher power guiding you? Or recognizing the rainbow in the clouds? Is it gratitude and joy?
What about the people in your life, the relationships, the mentors, and friends? Perhaps it's being healthy or enjoying hobbies?
What about doing hard things? Do we avoid difficulty to have a good life? Or do we embrace our shadow and make friends with it? 
It is about giving and supporting others?
What helps us to progress in life?
So many questions....well stay tuned for some interesting possible answers! 


Action is what this episode is all about!
In order to make progress, it's not enough to simply 'think' yourself into a chosen career, a desired situation or a perfect relationship. It's imperative that we take action.
"Positive thinking is of no use, unless coupled with positive action"
Edith Eger (The Gift).
To take action, first reflect on your curiosity and passion. These are the instinctive drives that will allow you to make the most of your life. If you take action based on your curiosity or passion, you usually don't go far wrong.  

Vulnerability and Bravery

In episode 4, we talk about what it means to be brave and vulnerable. Many of us struggle with overcoming feelings of fear, anxiety and self-doubt in our everyday lives. We look at how we can soften these strong emotions by digging deep into what each of them mean, what brings them on and what to do when we realize we have them. 
Being brave does not necessitate some valiant act, we can be brave every day of our lives through the choices we make. Choices that make all the difference. 

What it is to be human

We talk about what it means to be human and the importance of nurturing human connection. We also examine the importance of taking action to achieve our goals.

Positive thoughts are nothing without positive action, so we discuss some techniques to make taking that first step easier and more achievable.

Toxic Positivity

We talk a little about what we believe is a better approach to dealing with challenging times than the constant need to be positive about every darn thing that happens to you. Positivity is essential in life but when does it become toxic?

Introduction to Us

In this first podcast, we introduce ourselves and our motivations for putting this podcast together. We talk about how we met and how our friendship helped us both through the difficult months of lockdown and COVID19. 
2020 and 2021 was a lonely time for many people, it was difficult to see friends and family in person. This podcast/community, Normal Conversations, is primarily a community for realising the power of change during times of uncertainty. It is about having conversations that inspire, connect and motivate people to take that next step in life and embrace whatever comes to us. 

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