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Normal Conversations is a community for realizing the power of change.

Change can be positive and empowering.


We are a community with three intentions…

Firstly, we hope to create a community where we can learn from each other, take action and demonstrate the power of change for creating a life worth living.
Secondly, we want to facilitate conversations around the idea of taking that first step, to inspire and motivate you.
Finally, we, Maria and Geraldine, will use this community to assist us in our continuing personal growth, and welcome anyone else who would like to join us on the journey.


If you are contemplating taking action, or maybe you are in a place where you are not sure how to proceed in life or there may be changes taking place that you are finding challenging to deal with, then join us for lots of chat, inspiring stories and to gain a deeper understanding of how to live with change and uncertainty in our modern life

Image by Ashley Batz

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