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As a data protection and security compliance consultant, my mission is clear: safeguarding personal data, especially that of children and the vulnerable.

My passion for this field extends beyond technical expertise, driving both my blog and podcast series.

On my blog, I analyze the latest EU Digital Strategy legislation, breaking down its intricacies and providing practical guidance for individuals and organizations navigating the ever-evolving data landscape.

But my focus extends beyond data protection and security. In my podcast, "Normal Conversations" I join a close friend for six empowering episodes exploring life coaching topics. We celebrate successful women, and share insights and strategies to help our listeners to unlock their full potential and thrive in both their professional and personal life.

Join me on this journey where data protection meets personal growth. Let's navigate the digital world together, empowering ourselves and each other to live our best lives.

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Normal Conversations Join Me

Since January 8th, 2022

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Feature Podcast

The first podcast series is about taking action in life. We are here for whomever feels stuck in their lives and needs some support to give themselves that impetus to take action and improve their situation.

This first series will aim primarily at providing our community with an understanding of what the potential power of change and how to make the act of ‘taking action’ easier.

The motivation for this first series of podcasts is twofold. Firstly, Geraldine has extensive experience of coaching both groups and one-to-one clients and secondly Maria is undertaking an MSc in personal and management life coaching and will be familiarizing herself with, and gaining a deeper understanding of the topics that are covered in this first series.

Both women felt, given the global situation, a deep desire to share their experience and learning with whomever needs an extra bit of encouragement and kindness.

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